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 Wizard 101

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PostSubject: Wizard 101   Mon Mar 28, 2011 5:56 am

Anybody still here ? I guess as less people play 9Dragons there's less reason to come back ?

I've been playing Wizard101 while the Kabod servers were down. Initially it was just to fill in time for a few weeks but I'm really getting into it. The PvP is much more tactical as opposed to pressing a few keys and hoping you hit and the other guy misses.

There are 7 schools of magic to choose from as your primary but as you level, you get points to learn magic from other schools. That's how you customise your build. There are loads of quests which reward you lots of xp so there's hardly any grinding.

There's a bazaar in the game that you sell things to. If the NPC has a lot of the items you're selling you get a bad price. If it's rare you get a good price. All the trading is done through the bazaar so there's no trading with other players and no setting up stands for hours on end.

The graphics are cartoony and look a bit childish. But if you look beyond that, there's lots to do and it can get quite complex.

So if you don't like grinding and want to try tactical PvP, check out If you do play, let me know. I have a Myth and a Death wizard that can help with some of the early towers (dungeons).
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Wizard 101
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