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 Upcomming update !

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PostSubject: Upcomming update !   Mon Nov 16, 2009 2:16 am

The Hermit said us the next update that is actually comming for celebrate Thanksgiving. It will be ofc an event but there will be some new things too Smile.

9D Hermit wrote:
Warriors, I thought I would share some of my thoughts...

1. Congratulations on your Collection Quest, I hope you will enjoy your 4X. Do you enjoy effecting your own destiny in this way? <Hermit bows to Warda>

2. As a preview: Thanksgiving Celebration (should) begin on the 20th. You will have 10 full days of wonderful gifts, and Holiday Quests, and special buffs on certain days. You will also be introduced to a very special new NPC, a long lost warrior who has returned who will soon bring many new Quests to The Land. We are thankful to Indy21 for building us this upcoming Thanksgiving.

3. In regards to the Immortality Contest. Though there is still no clear front-runners to win on any server, I have a few thoughts...

I think it will be wise that I meet personally ingame with all the winners, and you tell me what you would like your role to be in The Land for your month of Immortality. Will you be an aggressive force The Land must fear and defend against? If so, certain preperations must be taken to defend against you! Or will you be helping certain groups of Warriors? Preperations will be made there too. Your exploits should be purposeful, you are handling characters that effect the fate of The Land. Your exploits shall become Lore to some degree. We must consult during the first week while you work with the GMs to modify your characters...

And I imagine having all 6 Clan Artifacts... which allow you to journey inside the sealed fortresses of each Clan will be quite interesting for each of you. You will see things few players have ever seen, the interior of each Clan. I will be most interested in hearing your reflections on this, as I suspect, will many of the Players. Yes, the boards will play an important role here.

I am excited, are you?

If it's the NPC that i know it will be OMFG !


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Upcomming update !
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